Complex Analysis


Since 2015 I tried many times to integrate my complex analysis notes with applets that I have designed or adapted from other people. Finally, in 2019, I was able to accomplish this task thanks to the development of mathematical, open-source, software capable to run online in (almost) any browser. This book would not have been possible without a ton of people sharing their great work. As much as possible, I've tried to keep track of all the online resources, books and articles that I have used.

A big "thank you" to all the people who have supported this project with donations (Patreon/Paypal), suggestions and recommendations:

  1. Kelly E. Matthews, Alex Iktan, Codi Quetzal, Feya, Nicolás Guarín-Zapata, Carla Luciane Klôa Schöninger, Ken Thele, Sophia Wood, Mates Mike, Christopher Lee, Alvy, Pablo Padilla, Jason Cunliffe, Julian Miranda, Leticia Hernández López, SureshKumar M S, Christian Mercat, Rodrigo Chappa, Fahim Ahmed, Stacey Prowell, Zachary DC, Eric Peper, Paul St. Jean, Antoine Büsch, Rose-Maree Locsei, Michael Rivera, Mengxuan Qiu, Olympia Ellinas, Simon, Zoltán Köllő, Heather Gay, Braden Mailloux, Edward Huff, Jacob Shulman, Jason Sabloff, José Ramón Montejo Garai, Philip Benjamin.

Many thanks also to:

Finally, about the applets:

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